Knowing the human body is the basis of medicine and surgery ...

Anatomy has accompanied the development of medicine from Hippocrates, Galen and Vesalius to our days.

 The great advances in medical science have been based on anatomy: surgery with Ambroise Paré, medicine with Xavier Bichat, medical images with Roentgen.

The French anatomy, and particularly Parisian, has always had an international reputation for its masters Sylvius, Riolan, Winslow, Vicq d’Azyr,

Desault, Sappey, Poirier, and its students Vesalius, Stenon and many others.
The French anatomy is a world reference.

Professor André Delmas, student of Henri Rouviere, was head of the Chair of Anatomy of the Faculty of Medicine of Paris (1946-1979)

Former Secretary General of lFAA (International Federation of Associations of Anatomists), former President of the National Academy of Medicine. He has
brought an incomparable glow forming students, professors of Anatomy in many countries. His work in functional anatomy, the central nervous system, the spine are classic.

Today, according to his example, anatomy evolves. It evolves like any science thanks to the new technical means that it learns to master.

Computer science and digital technology have gained acceptance in all areas of life. This new tool is particularly anatomical
because it allows to highlight the unique 3D dimension of the anatomy to:

Growing the microscope

Organogenesis follows

Understand medical images

Perform dissection, selective, computer-aided

Objective of the functional dynamics of structures

Isolate a structure or emphasize the relationship of 2 or more structures

Materialize selected structures in 3D

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